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#NBT – Late Rabbits Running (b)y Alison Wonderland

What better way to end the year’s #NBT than with the ultimate party mix by one of the best up-and-coming female DJs of 2k14?

The answer? There’s not.

Known for her eclectic taste in music and ability to mix all genres together into a harmonious set, Australian DJ, Alison Wonderland, has proven this past year that she can play with the big boys in the male dominated world of EDM. She’s a musical genius (she got her start as a trained cellist), out-spoken and opinionated (“Paris is one person I would like to shoot in the head.”- Wonderland’s opinion on Paris Hilton being a DJ), tiny (5’1″) yet dynamic behind the turn-tables, and a total babe.

Alison Wonderland 2

She’s an all-around badass and proof that being unique, aggressively hard-working, and sticking to one’s guns in a world that tells you to put them away only leads to success.

Alison Wonderland

So, here’s a badass mix from a badass babe to help you get your badass year started.



4 the fashion(B)le

$hine (B)right

DI$COUNT UNIVER$E is having a shining moment in the spotlight, and not just because of the line’s signature sequins adorning the garments.

Everyone from Miley Cyrus

DU - Miley

to Katy Perry

DU - Katy Perry

 and hottest new-comer, Meghan Trainor,

Meghan Trainor Gif

is wearing the Australian label.

And, with New Year’s Eve just around the corner, I couldn’t recommend a better label to don on your big night out than this one. Every piece is a statement, and the line’s designs cater to every girl. From the über girly-girl to the goth in need of a little sparkle, anyone can find something they like from the online store.

If you’re an edgy one,

DU - Edgy

a girly one,

DU - Cloud 9

a quirky one,

DU - Balloons

or a combo of all three,

DU - Hand Pants

DI$COUNT UNIVER$E has countless options 4 any mood you’re in and 4 any occasion you’re going to.

Have fun shopping, (b)b, and I’ll see you out $hining (b)right like a diamond on NYE.


4 the fashion(B)le

(B)ackpack (B)abes 4ever

When I switched out my Louis Vuitton for a $20 Elmo backpack from Target, my life instantaneously became easier. Instead of having my purse over my shoulder, water bottle in one hand, journal in the other, and sweater around my waist, I now had two free hands, two free arms, and all of that in my backpack.

Backpack - Gif

I was a whole new woman. My arms were free. I was free. I could spin and twirl and dance and skip and gallop and jump with as much freedom as a young girl who had yet to feel the weight of a purse on her shoulder. #FREE

Backpacks are easier.

Backpack - Unif

They’re better.

Backpack - Sparkles
You have everything in one place, plus two free hands. You can jog to that meeting you’re late for without having to look like a one-winged bird, hobbling to one side and your purse arm parallel to the ground in hopes that it doesn’t fall off of your shoulder. You can use your hands as much as you want when you talk to that cute boy at happy hour without having to worry about your purse’s contents spilling out embarrassingly onto the floor in front of him. You can finally bust out your robot skills on the dance floor at your favorite weekend hot-spot without having to put your purse on the floor in-between your feet. YOU CAN BASICALLY DO ANYTHING.

Backpack - Friends

And, since it’s Company Holiday Party season, which means glasses of champagne, Secret Santa gifts, and napkin wrapped cupcakes you’re stealing 4 later when you need that late night munchie, the time to make the switch is now, (b)b. Do yourself a favor, and buy a backpack as an early Christmas present to yourself.

My current favorite is the Coach Studio Legacy Backpack in Leather; it’s affordable, timeless, not too big, not too small, and totally current.

my christmas present 4 myself.

my christmas present 4 myself.

Here’s to becoming a (b)ackpack (b)abe! Happy Early Christmas, (b)b!


4 the fashion(B)le

3 Forces 4 Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld, Pharrell Williams, and Cara Delevingne joined forces in the making of  “Reincarnation,” a short film that was created to accompany the December 2nd runway show 4 the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg  2014/15 Métiers d’art collection.


What do you get when you mix a legend, an icon, and an ingenue together?


4 the (B)eat lover

#NBT – “I Just Wanna” (b)y ES.P

Los Angeles experienced its first downpour in what seems like months today, meaning…

…I’ve spent all day nestled in my bed with my cat listening to new music and sipping hot chocolate…

I’m not quite sure how he pronounces his name, but Miami DJ, ES.P, released “I Just Wanna” earlier this week on his Soundcloud account, and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it over the rain drops pitter-pattering against my window sill. He’s a little Ryan Hemsworth, a little Oliver, and a whole lotta good.